24 febrero, 2024

The town festivals 

One of the specials of last Christmas towards a parody of Cinema Paradiso, one of the most remembered Italian films of recent times. And whenever I think of that movie I remember my people, I suppose that the same will happen to many of us. Because, although that story is set in Italy, the differences are not very big with Spain, right?

One of the great moments of every town is the patron saint festivities. The streets are dressed up, with flags and others, the town square is full of stalls and junk and everyone awaits the big day, that day when not only the relatives of the town’s inhabitants arrive, but other travelers and tourists. And of course, there is no great day without an orchestra, dance and fireworks.

Being a little older, I remember that one year I collaborated in the organization of the party because one of my friends was linked to the city council. He had to collaborate with the festivities department to organize all the events of the big day, with special attention to the lighting of the fireworks. That year they had decided to change a few things to make the party a little different, which entailed hiring new companies for the events.

From the front line I saw how everything necessary was organized with the day of the fires. They had to contact a pyrotechnic wick dealer to complete all the necessary elements to make the night of the fires a little more magical than usual. In fact, word had spread throughout the town that this year it was going to be very special because a new company had been hired that had been very successful in large cities.

The truth is that that year I was able to verify the difficulties of organizing an event of these characteristics so that everything goes well, complying with all regulations. If this is the case in a town, I don’t even want to know what it will be like in a big city. It was not only necessary to find a distributor of pyrotechnic wick, but to balance everything so that it was ready at the appointed time. But that was a success that the people remembered for years.