28 septiembre, 2023

Thinking about sneakers

I’m a big fan of sports shoes, but lately I haven’t been on the ball, as they say. I have had a very bad streak with sneakers: either I don’t like the way I see them on the internet, or they hurt me or they come with some imperfection. So in recent times I have done an accelerated product return course online. I have to say that in most cases the operation is remarkable since they are aware that it is something highly valued by customers, but this is not always the case.

In one case, the problem was as silly as the shoes having a problem with the laces. I understand that maybe it was a product that had been returned by another buyer and had been handed over to me. I assume that the products that other customers return can be delivered to others, but as long as they are in perfect condition, that at least ‘it is not noticeable’ that they have been used, right?

As I was a bit lazy to protest and I had had enough bad experiences lately, I decided to look for a manufacturer of braided cord to buy laces as similar as possible to the ones that the shoes brought. Because it is not so easy today to find a store that sells laces of various types. Before there were haberdasheries in the neighborhood, but now it’s not easy to find one.

So I looked online and in the end I found a manufacturer of Braided Cord with great experience in this sector. Of course I made laces for a lot of industries, because I don’t think you can make a living exclusively by selling shoelaces, but then I inquired and discovered that a lot of the shoelaces I was wearing came from this company.

And taking advantage of the fact that I had to order and that I could add more laces for a little more money, I decided to order some alternatives for other shoes. And I am one of those who likes to change a lot, and by varying the tone of the laces, the shoe already has another aspect.